Thursday, March 7, 2013

Diving the Blue Heron Bridge: Not sexy, but plenty to look at

David Heidemann has travelled around the world while putting more than 300 dives into his diving log.
Those Caribbean destinations certainly have their own benefits, but Heidemann is convinced one of the best places to photograph underwater life is a barren, bleak, colorless landscape under the Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach, Florida.
The location includes, free parking and free diving, a since the max depth on the dive is not much more than 20 feet, the dives can last 90 minutes or more.
The diving must be done at high slack tide, so divers must review tide tables and stay clear of areas designated for boat traffic, but the payoff is the chance to see a tremendous amount of marine life. Heidemann believes the abundance of marine life the area is due to the never-ending amount of nutrients that are pushed under the bridge due to the changing tides.
The bridge is located between the mainland of Florida and Singer Island. Free parking is available at Foster Park.
Here is my interview my Heidemann at the 32nd Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival.

Also, here is a pretty detailed web page on found online that can tell you all about diving under the Blue Heron Bridge:click here


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