Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dive shop news:

Sea-Side Dive Shop, located on Harper in St. Clair Shores, is now offering tri-mix airfills, effective April 23. With the proper certification you can get tri-mix, standard nitrox mixes, deco mixes and argon fills.
Sea-Side is also offering a fin clinic to help you improve your kicking efficiency.  A video camera will be used to help you visualize your current kick style so that it will be easier to make modifications.  Want to learn the frog kick? They can work on that, too.  In a 2-hour period they will show you how to be more efficient and how different fins can be used for different conditions.  The fee is $120 per person.
You must supply your own scuba equipment, but they will be providing a few different fin styles for you to try.  Call for available dates.  Limit of 2 divers per session. Call Sea-Side at 586-772-7676.

The Great Lakes Diver, the dive boat for Bruno's Dive Shop, located on Vermander in Clinton Township, is getting a new paint job this spring, and throughout April Bruno's is offering $15 off pre-booked charter tickets for the season. These can be purchased online via Bruno's Dive Shop at Or call Bruno's at 586-792-2040.

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