Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I landed in Coz and saved some $$

I arrived in Coz Wednesday afternoon at about 130 local time. It´s good to be back. I dove in Coz for three consecutive years, the last time coming in 2009. At that time, the swine flu was at its peak, and the island was practically deserted. Today, everything looks back to normal with lots of tourists.
Today, for the first time, I did the ¨bag drag¨to the main road after processing through customs at the airport. In years past, I would pre-purchase ground transportation along with my hotel and airfare.
Now that I am a Coz veteran, I decided to wing it and grab a cab when I got here. Airport officials don´t let the taxis near the airport so that they can rake it the ground transportation dollars. Today, I met a nice family from Indiana in customs and we all ¨bag dragged¨to the main road. It only took a couple of minutes. The temp was about 80, but overcast and not too bad. The end result? A $5 taxi ride that was quick and painless. Ground transportation costs about $30 (roundtrip) depending upon where your hotel is on the island. And, you have to wait in the ground trans van forever until they have collected all of their fares. After six hours worth of travel, you just want to get to your hotel, clean up and relax. So, I´m already feeling good and looking forward to my first set of dives tomorrow. And I have a couple of extra bucks for a few more cervasas! Sorry, no dictionary. I can´t remember how to spell it, only how to ask for it and drink it!
I will update you Thursday. I´m getting excited.

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