Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My interview from Cozumel, Mexico, with Dive With Martin dive master

Unfortunately, I am back home from another fantastic trip to Cozumel, Mexico, one of the top dive destinations on earth.
Today, I've posted an interview I did with Miguel Estrella, a dive master with Dive With Martin in Coz.
I've done about 50+ dives in Cozumel and a large chunk of them were with with Miguel, an extremely nice man and an excellent dive master.
He has been a dive master in Cozumel for 28 years, the last 5-6 years with Dive With Martin.
We did this interview on a surface interval between dives on Saturday, July 14. Miguel also shot underwater video of a couple of our dives that day. He plans on getting me a copy of those dives in the next couple of weeks. Come on Miguel, I'm counting on you! Here is the interview:


  1. Very nice interview. Miguel is great, and so is Lucio. I've been down with these guys now for over 20 tanks. They are great. I started my first dive with Lucio, and was certified by one of the other instructors, Sergio a few months ago. Drift dives are the best!

    1. Thanks Testing. I go with Dive With Martin every time I'm down there. And you are right, drift diving is awesome.