Friday, July 20, 2012

So far away, but still close to home; meeting men from Michigan in Cozumel

I never cease to be amazed by the truly small world we live in.
All of my five trips to Cozumel to scuba dive have been solo trips. I have a deal with my wife, who is Latin, that if she flies off to see her mother, I get to go diving. While the diving is always fantastic, my topside time can get a little lonely until I start making connections with other travelers on the island.
This year, things were never lonely since I met a friendly father and son pair on our first day of diving.
Minutes after I said good morning to Jeff Bullis aboard our Dive With Martin dive boat, I discovered we had much in common.
We are both from Michigan. They are from Kalamazoo.
He grew up in Rochester Hills, the city bordering Shelby Township, which is where I live.
And they were staying at the Casa Mexicana hotel, just as I was, and they were on the same floor, only three doors down!
What are the odds of that?
It turns out that Tim, Jeff's youngest son, had purchased the diving trip for his dad for Father's Day. Pretty nice gift if you ask me. Their presence made my trip even more fun since I had a couple of guys to hang out with. They arrived on the same day and would be leaving on the same day. We had dinner a couple of nights together and walked around the city of San Miguel, the largest (really the only) city in Cozumel. We dived two of our three days together (they missed the pilot whales) and did a night dive together.
Here is my interview with Jeff and Tim as we prepared for our night dive:

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  1. This warms my heart! Great that they were there, same hotel and all!